Mr. Stephen Thomas Hatez, Born 1984, DaytonA beach, Florida


This is Stephen shortly after he went to a US Army Recruiter after caught for cyber-crime in high school.

Title: Former Federal Informant 2005-2015; Last Known Position, "Nurse Champion", Emory University in the National Institutes of Health-funded neuroscience research lab of David W. Wright MD, Emory University Chair of Emergency Medicine. Private reports made since 2015 to Mr. Arthur Blank, Atlanta, Georgia, USA after ten years in America's 9-1-1 system, critical telecommunications infrastructure, with other information sourced specifically on foreign penetration of domestic telecommunications systems. Involved in "Perfect Citizen"  and the "President's Surveillance Program" with the New York Times, TMZ and all news asked to vet my background.  Other work done in information security and social network analysis, penetration testing, sourcing human intelligence and providing criminal and ethics reports. Information provided to the United States Central Intelligence Agency and the United States National Security Agency. White hat hacker for private corporations. Informant, exposed in retaliatory data breach after ethics  reports in a spam attack with accidental arrest, in DOJ Big Tech Antitrust with reports made to State & Federal Govt., Private Parties and Congress. Undercover since 2005 with deepfake online images and multi-threaded story. Expert in "Cloaking Devices" now pursuing a PhD in Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology at Emory with commercialization  pitched to Emory Professor Ryan Hamilton, PhD and a lab at the Mercer University Innovation Center. Stephen met Taylor Swift a long time ago in a Nashville bar and they have an ongoing private relationship. He was not the only person roaming around America.