Mr. Stephen Thomas Hatez, Born 1984, DaytonA beach, Florida


This is Stephen shortly after he went to a US Army Recruiter after caught for cyber-crime in high school as the CIA went to the First Responders after 9-11-01.

Former CIA "informant" under a loose interpretation of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, a 1982 law "hot-wired" to Ronald Reagan's Executive Order 12333 and other Agency protocol from the Cold War days. Illegally recruited and used under the Bush Administration out of a US Army Recruiter's office planning the National Guard Special Forces (20th Special Forces Group, Birmingham, AL) in a pilot project for domestic intelligence actions after 9-11 as the Administration feared a 100% chance of additional major terror attack and lacked penetration testing and cyberwarfare expertise, 2005-2015. This was a domestic spy network within America created by that Administration which was illegal and disclosed in 2020.

Last Known Position, "Nurse Champion", Emory University in the National Institutes of Health-funded neuroscience research lab of David W. Wright MD, Emory University Chair of Emergency Medicine. Continued Federal and private reports made since 2015 to Mr. Arthur Blank, Atlanta, Georgia, USA after ten years in America's 9-1-1 system, critical telecommunications infrastructure, with other information sourced on foreign penetration of America and of information systems, on terrorism, trafficking, human slavery and the Tea Party. Involved in "Perfect Citizen" and the "President's Surveillance Program" with the New York Times, TMZ and all news asked to vet his background.  Work  done in cyberwarfare, information security and social network analysis, surveillance, re-creating elements of 9-11-01, penetration testing, sourcing  intelligence with criminal and ethics reports. Shortly after he found nuclear material unsecured in a Homeland Security training site Stephen met Taylor Swift in a Nashville bar and the 2 have had a private relationship since. After 10 years Stephen became involved in Big Tech Antitrust probes and ethics inquiries including a Mercer University ethics scandal and was a white hat hacker with private corporations.

Undercover since 2005 with deepfake online images and multi-threaded story. Expert in "Cloaking Devices", Republican, Stephen pitched to Emory University's Pitch to the Professors prior to ethics inquiry. Stephen was not the only person roaming around America connected to a military base disclosed to the New York Times in 2020 with the help of President Trump, Congressman Jody Hice and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and the CIA's Entertainment Industry Liaison. In response to Pulitzer Prize Winner Jim Yardley's 2002 New York Times article on Hani Hanjour, 9-11-01 hijacker, and the Washington Post's write up of him as a paradox, Stephen submitted to the New York Times his solution of 3 multi-threaded stories, ambiguity resolution, incongruence, applied disfigurement, halo and horn effect as an engineered "cloaking device" that fooled the intelligence community. Stephen's undergraduate transcript is a demo of a "cloak". 9-11-01 is considered an intelligence failure leading to a war based on propaganda.

Stephen began near Haleyville, AL the birthplace of 9-1-1 in 2005 when Homeland Security was only 3 years old. America's First Responders were considered by RAND to be the "Front Lines of Terrorism". The CIA was there. When the Republicans returned in 2016 President Trump "purged" (CNN) the Homeland Security Department going through 4 Cabinet Secretaries and many other needed changes in his first term.  After ethics scandals he is returning to Emory with the help of Emory Trustee Arthur Blank to complete a PhD in Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology.

The full story is forthcoming in 'Nowhere Near Baghdad' + "&" with reforms proposed to America's 9-1-1 systems and with other proposed reforms as he continues with Congressman Jody Hice's Office towards 9-1-1 System, Intelligence and Homeland Security reforms after being in a failed domestic CIA program which crashed into  alcoholism in 2011. He is a penetration tester with expertise in "cloaking" and social network analysis.

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